Impact Invest Center


There are an unlimited number of reasons why you may suddenly end up in a life situation that you were or feel prepared for. That´s why we exist.

It can be extra difficult to suddenly be counted as an adult.
Mental illness continues to increase among young people. Maybe you need help creating a sustainable approach to money, home and work.


Through pregnancy life changes completely. It is easy to feel depressed, lonely and inadequate. Now you need help with social relations and support in your new life situation.

You suddenly end up in a situation you were not prepared for. Now you need time for recreation and psychological support to get back on your feets. 

It can feel challenging to age. It is easy to feel meaningless, depressed and without social relationships. Now you need help to create a social environment and motivation to take the initiative for new things in life.

To many children grow up in environments where their needs are not met. Now the child needs support in seeing new environments and getting opportunities for a more nuanced childhood.

So many people feel that they have no social life. Maybe exactly what you need is scheduled meetings with other people in the same situation.


The Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold

Through Kintsukuroi, damage and repair are viewed as beautiful versus something to hide. Mending a cherished item requires skilled, caring intervention. We believe everyone has the potential to be the golden thread in someone’s recovery.

How can we help you right now?